In aviation law, we have experience with representation of airlines, covering all legal aspects of our clients' business activities: from aircraft registration and regulatory matters to commercial relationships, aircraft leasing, general claims handling and representation of airlines and their insurers in the event of insurance claims.

Our clients include international airlines and industrial companies with world wide operations and their logistics divisions.


  1. aircraft registration, aircraft mortgages

  2. aircraft leasing

  3. logistics agreements

  4. transport agreements (forwarding and freight agreements, framework agreements, agreements with agents, suppliers, sub-contractors)

  5. defense against damage claims

  6. enforcement of recourse claims

  7. settlement of claims on the basis of international conventions and international provisions (Warsaw / Montreal Convention, CMR, ADSP, EU regulations, and IATA resolutions)

  8. regulatory matters, representation of airlines before air traffic and air supervisory authorities (Slovenian Civil Aviation Agency)

  9. airline liability, representation of airlines in insurance claims

  10. inclusion of aviation into the EU Emissions Trading Scheme (EU ETS)

  1. Expertise

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Aviation Law and Transport Law

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“Our clients include international airlines and industrial companies with world wide operations.”

We have experience in international transport law, aviation law and the field of logistics. Our clients include some of the leading companies in logistics and transport industry.