We adopt a considerate, friendly and courteous approach with the debtors to ensure better business relationship whilst simultaneously protecting the interests of our clients. Our tailor made approach by leveraging our best talent people and technology in conjunction with regular contact, yields impressive results.


Our debt recovery services pay special attention to case assessment, pre-litigation advice, negotiations and candid analysis of the relative risks and rewards of the litigation. Our approach to debtors is firm but friendly. Upon receipt of a claim, it will be assigned immediately to our dedicated team member, who will handle the case right from beginning to end.


In the event that litigation becomes necessary we move quickly and effectively having regard to various legal options available.


  1. analyzing the solvency of debtors

  2. pursuing debtors with the aim of reclaiming due debt 

  3. contacting debtors 

  4. corporate litigation

  5. debt enforcement

  1. Expertise

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Debt recovery & Incasso

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Matej Perpar

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“We move quickly and effectively having regard to various legal options available.”

We fully recognize that we are frequently dealing with sensitive issues while recovering the delinquent accounts.