We advise and represent our clients in administrative and civil procedures regarding management of contaminated sites and soil, corrective actions, determination of environmental responsibilities, water law, waste law, public health, emission quotas and environmental taxation.

Our Attorneys assist in the reviewing and drafting of agreements with environmental effects, and represent corporate clients with environmental technologies or when facing risks arising of environmental law regulations.


  1. management of contaminated sites and soils – contamination of soil, surface water and ground water, corrective action

  2. determination of environmental responsibilities

  3. environmentally classified installations (ICPE) – declaration / authorisation for operations, functioning of the installations, sale of the installations, closing

  4. water law

  5. waste law

  6. public health – management of asbestos, lead and PCB related issues

  7. emission quotas

  8. environmental taxation

  1. Expertise

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We handle environmental aspects of commercial transactions, together with regulatory proceedings, litigation proceedings, and environmental assessments.